Three Cruelty Free Beauty Brands You Should Shop With

28th Nov 2018

Three Cruelty Free Beauty Brands You Should Shop With

If like a lot of people, you love cosmetics it’s always good to be aware of the more ethical brands on the market that choose not to test on animals. This way, you can purchase products that can help to make you look great, but also feel great knowing that you are supporting ethical brands & no animals are harmed in the process!

Here are three of our top picks for cruelty-free cosmetic brands in New Zealand and beyond, so you can shop happily with the peace of mind that no bunnies are harmed in the creation of your favourite products!


Have you ever felt self-conscious in the gym or on a workout because you don’t want to wear makeup that will harm your skin? Thankfully, Fitcover has got you covered! The revolution of Fitcover was created on the basis that it’s not fair that some people have to wear toxic products that will clog their pores in order to be confident enough to face the outside world! That’s why Fitcobe have formulated a solution to the problem by creating cosmetic products that no only consider your confidence but your skin! Thanks to Fitcover you can achieve your fitness goals with a smile on your face when shopping friendly, toxin-free cosmetics!

Frank Body

Frank Body is an Australian made and owned brand, specialising in cruelty-free natural beauty products. Frank Body was founded back in 2013, from humble beginnings with just one product Frank Body is now stocked in beauty outlets all of the world, used by over two million customers. If you don’t understand why so many people have fallen in love with Frank Body you just need to try it once and you’ll see! Frak Body offers a range of natural coffee based scrubs, masks and beautiful essentials to suit many skin types and dilemmas!

Body Blendz

Body Blendz products have been carefully formulated to be the foundation for looking & feeling your best self. Body Blendz have put some serious time and energy into creating a product range that will truly leave you feeling healthy & happy. Body Blendz products are created using the highest quality of ingredients, rooted largely from nature with a dash of science blended in. Body Blendz products contain nothing nasty & nothing fake, so you can shop with the knowledge that you are purchasing goods that are naturally good for your body, after all, we only have one so why not take care of it? And take care of animals at the same time by shopping cruelty-free products from Body Blendz.

If you wish to read up on animal testing a little more, you can do so here. Shopping cruelty-free cosmetics doesn’t have to cost more or take more effort, it can be as simple as going a quick search on brands you currently shop with or checking out some of the brands we mentioned. Once you’ve found cruelty-free brands, be sure to do a search on our site for a discount coupon code! That way you can shop knowing you’ve done your bit to help reduce animal testing & also saved a few pennies in the process!

Stay tuned for more blogs coming soon, featuring ethical brands, top fashion tips, Christmas shopping guides and much more! Happy Shopping!

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